Choosing the Best Patio Stone for Paving

July 21, 2015

Of course it’s a lot of work, but any home improvement or home renovation project is always exciting and something to look forward to. Realizing that once all the upgrades are finished, your home will look that much better and you’ll be that much happier knowing it’s all yours is a comforting thought.

FSILandscapeSupply_image_072115Besides the work, the tough part of any home renovation project is deciding on material. And when doing your front yard, choosing a patio stone can be a little confusing considering the scope of selection that’s currently available. We’ve taken the time to outline the benefits of the more popular types of stones so you know what will be the right fit for the look and feel you’re striving for.


Classic is probably the word best used to describe brick pavers. Besides coming in an abundance of colours and sizes, they can be a chameleon in their ability to look either old or new. They’re also sturdy and built to withstand heavy foot traffic. Installation can be a bit more time-consuming and costly, however, because brick pavers are typically not as large as other pavers.

Concrete and Concrete Pavers

Popular for being fairly inexpensive and withstanding colder weather, concrete is and always will be a good choice of pavement. The type of finish is what’s important here, as it can be either stamped, scored, brushed, or acid-washed. Being longer lasting is another reason for its popularity.

Concrete pavers can look like real stones and offer a bunch of variety when it comes to size, colour and shape. They also offer intricate patterns, are relatively easy to install, and require little maintenance.

Slate, Marble, Flagstone

You can pretty much use any of these stones as a paver. If you decide to go the uncut route, you’ll have rough edges with no set pattern. You’re better off having a professional install uncut stones, as fitting them cohesively together is not a job for most DIY-ers. Cut stones like sandstone, limestone, granite, and slate are all lighter on the wallet, especially if you purchase them from a trusted landscape supplier. You’ll have a lot of creative freedom with these choices, but again, it’s probably better to communicate your design ideas to a professional landscaper.

FSI Landscape Supply has products sourced both locally and from around the world. Located in south Brampton, we service the entire GTA with a vast selection of landscape products on over 10 acres of space, including a wide selection of patio stones.

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Source: Caughey, A, N., “Your Guide to Choosing Patio Stones,” June 10, 2015

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