FSI Landscape Supply, a Business Supplying Landscaping Products and Accessories, Provides Expert Advice for Spring Landscaping Design

May 4, 2015

FSI Landscape Supply (www.FSILandscapeSupply.com), a business providing the GTA with high-quality landscaping materials for both residential and commercial landscaping, is providing its expert advice for spring landscaping designs following this past weekend’s warm weather.

“It’s time to take advantage of the warm weather to get outside and do some of the landscaping homeowners have been waiting to do since the beginning of winter,” says Ross Dirrocolo, founder of FSI Landscape Supply. “Winter is over now and the homeowners of the GTA can focus on getting their homes looking and feeling as warm as the weather is about to be this spring and summer.”

Dirrocolo suggests that before starting any landscape project, homeowners should make sure all their tools are working properly. Next, clean up and fix small damages that may have occurred or were allowed to linger over the winter, also keeping an eye out for damaged sprinklers and chipped concrete.

“Once that’s done, homeowners can then begin installing hardscapes, such as pavers and retaining walls,” he adds. “This helps to keep grass away from areas it isn’t wanted.”

Dirrocolo also recommends making the best of the landscaped area and using it to its full potential: “Too many times, homeowners create landscapes, but don’t frequent the area. To get the maximum value out of the landscaped area, it can be as simple as adding a gazebo or removing an unnecessary tree stump to make room for walking and sitting space.”

“There are many ways to use landscaping to make an area more liveable and accessible,” Dirrocolo concludes. “And with only a few months of warm weather in the GTA, more homeowners should take advantage of these opportunities.”

FSI Landscape Supply has all the materials needed to complete any spring landscaping project. For more information, visit www.FSILandscapeSupply.com.

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