Fight Weeds With Wood Mulches

February 26, 2015
Mulch Supplier

If you’re looking to protect your garden from weeds, experts recommend wood mulches, which lay on the top layer of soil and are not mixed in with it. There are two types of mulch available to anyone looking at a landscaping project: organic, made of woodchips, and inorganic, usually made of rock or plastic.

Mulches shade the soil, help to retain moisture, and protect from weeds. Here are some other advantages:

Enriches the Soil

As long as moisture is present, wood mulches will decompose over time. This means that using mulch in gardens that typically experience hot, humid weather benefits homeowners looking to enhance the soil in their gardens. Wood mulches also contain nutrients that will enrich your soil, a feature you will not get with rock or bark mulches.

Wood Mulch Is Good for Fruit Trees

Whether you own an orchard or just a lone fruit tree, wood mulches provide much-needed nutrients. It is recommended that you use a mixture of different types of mulches that will decompose over two to three years.

Wood Mulch + Fertilizer = The Best Combination

Wood mulches may be one of the best solutions for enriching soil, but it is not without its disadvantages; for instance, it removes nitrogen from soil. However, this is not an issue if you fertilize your trees and shrubs annually.

Best Mulches

When it comes to buying wood mulches, the choices may seem staggering. However, if you’re looking for the products that provide the best results, most experts agree about which you should choose between: pine mulch, which has a reddish-brown colour and is made from natural pine bark; cedar mulch, made from a high-quality wood that is light brown in colour; red mulch, made from 100% real wood fibre and double-dyed with organic colourant for a rich red colour that will last for two seasons; and black mulch, another 100%-real wood fibre that is dyed with an organic colourant for a rich black colour that also lasts for two seasons. You can use any of these mulches for weed control and moisture retention.

FSI Landscape Supply is one of the top suppliers of wood mulches in the Greater Toronto Area, offering quality products at an affordable price. Our experts will recommend the best type of mulch for your needs and deliver it to your home; you can also use our online calculator to determine how much you will need for your project!

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