Front Yard Landscaping Ideas on a Budget

April 7, 2015
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For Brampton residents, having a great-looking yard doesn’t mean needing to break your bank account. With a little planning, some knowledge on how to garden on a budget, creativity, and a willingness to break with tradition, it’s possible to transform your yard into something out of a gardening magazine or TV show.

Have a Plan Going In

Before you start, take pictures of your yard from front to back. From there, come up with a rough plan of your existing lawn and measure its features. You should also look at trouble spots, as well as your yard’s assets; if you live in a two-storey house, this gives you an even bigger advantage, since you’ll be able to see your yard and all the spots that require your attention from a higher vantage point.

Find Free Resources

Many communities provide homeowners with free mulches and topsoil. In addition, many building yards may provide lumber, pavers, and bricks that are left over from earlier projects. Because they are likely looking to recycle these items, they may provide them to you at a reduced cost, if not for free.

Spring is also a good time to seek out sales and deals on landscaping resources and natural stone at Brampton retailers. Landscape supply providers looking to get a jump on their competition will offer deep discounts on everything you need to get your yard ready for the summer.

Reduce the Size of Your Lawn

You can cut your maintenance budget down significantly by reducing the size of your lawn; ground cover, such as paving stones, is an excellent way to do this. When looking for natural stone in Brampton, choose a business with a number of affordable and attractive ways for your yard to look its best in addition to its other ground cover options.

Pavers are also low-maintenance, requiring only the occasional sweep, and can be installed easily. And if you still want your yard to appear large, you can break your backyard up into small areas, such as a lounging area and a place for preparing food, and/or use long lines.

Plant Flowers Wisely

When it comes to flowers, landscaping professionals recommend using perennials, since they will last for years. Perennials still have a great variety of color and will provide better coverage in your garden at a fraction of the cost, but use them sparingly. Native flowers also require little care and using a couple different colors arranged accordingly can create a dramatic effect.

At FSI Landscape Supply, we provide all the resources you need for the best-looking lawn. The top supplier of landscaping supplies in Brampton, we offer homeowners on a budget the best selection of natural stones at a price that won’t break your budget. Contact FSI Landscape Supply for more information!

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