FSI Landscape Supply, Providers of Landscaping Products and Accessories, Weighs in on Freeze-Thaw Cycle

January 29, 2015

FSI Landscape Supply (www.FSILandscapeSupply.com), a business providing the GTA with high-quality landscaping materials for both residential and commercial landscaping, is weighing in on the dangers of the freeze-thaw cycle this winter.

“Property owners need to consider the effect the freeze-thaw cycle has on outdoor surfaces,” says Ross Dirrocolo, founder of FSI Landscape Supply. “As snow melts when temperatures rise, it remains on the surface because the ground is still frozen. When temperatures drop again later in the day, the water freezes, which leads to expansion and cracking of the surface.” (Source: “Freeze Thaw Resistance,” Cement.org; http://www.cement.org/for-concrete-books-learning/concrete-technology/durability/freeze-thaw-resistance, last accessed January 27, 2015.)

Dirrocolo explains that the cycle really becomes a problem if property owners don’t take the steps necessary to stay on top of it. That’s why during winters with consistent snowfall, it’s crucial to be proactive in maintaining the quality of a surface.”

“Deicing is the one of the ways property owners can address the freeze-thaw conditions. By unfreezing the surface, it prevents water from collecting underneath the subgrades, which inevitably leads to cracking,” he adds. “Another option is to purchase aggregates that are better suited to the freeze-thaw cycle.”

“We have plenty of aggregate options at FSI Landscape Supply, including natural stone or gravel, and can recommend materials that are suited for harsher temperatures,” Dirrocolo concludes. “One final option is to create a drainage system that leads water out from under the pavement or surface. No water buildup means less chance of cracking.”

FSI Landscape Supply has provided landscape supplies to commercial property owners and homeowners for 15 years, serving the needs of both businesses and homeowners throughout the GTA. Visit www.FSILandscapeSupply.com to see which supplies can help an upcoming landscape project.

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