Garden Lighting Tips and Techniques

December 22, 2014
Landscape lighting Toronto

Most people want their garden to look great during the day, but few consider making it look good at night. The Toronto area only enjoys warm weather for a few short months out of the year, so you want to display the hard work you put into your landscaping for as long as possible at any hour of the day. The proper landscape lighting can bring a dramatic effect to your yard at night.

Not only will this make your landscaping look great no matter what the hour is, but it will also add to your family’s safety and your home’s resale value. But you also want landscape lighting that will display your garden during both the day and night. Houses in Toronto often have small yards, but the right lighting can make a seemingly small yard look larger than it is. In addition, lighting means you can continue to entertain outdoors after the sun has gone down. Here are some tips to help you make your outdoor space look its best at all hours.

This is a common landscape lighting technique. It involves placing a spotlight at the bottom of a tree or other shrubbery and testing out different angles and distances from that location.

Placing a light behind a tree or other piece of landscaping and aiming it at an adjacent wall will create an illuminated backdrop that looks great, especially with a particularly dense piece of shrubbery or  plants that have been trimmed into shapes.

This is similar to silhouetting. A light is placed at the base of the landscape feature and then aimed toward a wall opposite the piece of landscaping. This works best for trees with delicate foliage and if the wind blows, it can create a dramatic effect.

Wall Washing
This technique involves placing lights a few feet away from a landscape feature at an angle to create a soothing glow that comes off the wall or facade the lights are pointed towards; this creates a subtle and even ambient light on the area it’s shone on. For the best result, use low-wattage lights. By that same token, placing a light closer to the building will create a bolder and more dramatic effect.

No, this does not involve using natural lighting. Rather, this lighting technique places lights high up in a tree and shines them downwards to create the same effect as moonlight, which can create a natural and beautiful lighting effect. Downlighting is similar, since it places lighting high up in a landscape feature to cover a larger idea; this is ideal if you entertain outdoors frequently during the summer.

Path Lighting
Not only will this illuminate features, but it’s also a great safety option if you spend a lot of time outdoors after the sun goes down. It’s created by placing landscape lighting along the border of pathways, driveways, and the edge of your lawn. You need to be careful with this landscape lighting, though, as people may trip over it. Also take care to ensure that it won’t get in the way of a lawnmower.

As the leading provider of landscape lighting in Toronto, FSI Landscape Supply realizes that our clients want to make their yard stand out. That’s why we will work closely with you to create the landscaping solution that is ideally suited to you. Contact us for more information today.

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