Housing Boom in Canada Leading to Increase Landscape Market

June 30, 2015

FSILandscapeSupply_image_063015Unless you live completely off the grid, you know that Canada has been experiencing a real estate boom over the past decade. Though most of this growth has been reserved for cities like Toronto and Vancouver, the overall impact has been pronounced and continues to forge its imprint onto the Canadian economy.

As a result of the housing boom, other sectors have also seen an increase in activity and opportunity, most notably landscaping and renovations. Landscape design in Toronto and other cities where real estate has taken off is a market showing considerable growth and one that can be expected to continue its expansion even as the housing market cools.

Booming Real Estate Market Not Slowing Down

Experts keep predicting the Canadian housing bubble to eventually pop, but if recent numbers are any indication, that doesn’t seem to be coming any time soon. Resale prices rose another 8% this past May as compared to the same time last year, and you can just count the cranes and construction trucks if you want a general idea of how much building is going on around the country, particularly in the noted cities.

May also saw housing starts in Canada reach over 200,000, which was close to 20,000 more than experts had predicted, and construction on multi unit homes in urban areas jumped almost 17%. Not exactly signs of slowing down.

Landscapers Benefiting Off Housing Market

The real estate market has been good for more than just homeowners, agents, and buyers; other industries have seen an increase in their activity as well. Furniture and appliance stores have a lot to be happy about, but landscaping and renovations have been the top winners since the beginning of this year.

The first quarter of this year saw renovation spending rise by 5%, and overall residential investments, which includes renovations and new construction, was the variable with the strongest first quarter GDP growth at 4%. In practical terms, this means more work for contractors and landscapers and a solid boost to the Canadian economy overall.

FSI Landscape Supply Has All Landscaping Needs

With the opportunity for landscape design in Toronto and across Canada on a steady incline, this is a perfect time to visit FSI Landscape Supply. We have all the high quality products and equipment needed to complete any landscaping project, and all at competitive prices.

Experts predict the rest of 2015 will be just as strong for the real estate market and just as lucrative for those involved. That means those subsidiary markets such as furniture, renovations, and of course landscaping, can logically expect similar activity over the course of this year. Landscapers need to take advantage of the opportunity while it lasts and part of that is working with a landscape supply company that has the tools to help make you successful.

Contact FSI Landscape Supply now for more details on product offerings, or if you’re anywhere around the GTA, just stop by our warehouse.

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