How to Clean Your Natural Stone Patio

January 19, 2015
natural stone patio

It may be hard to believe this, but winter will end, and sooner than you think. We’re already approaching February, which means only a couple months left until it’s officially time for a little spring cleaning.

One part of your home that will certainly need some attention, even before the spring gets here, is your patio. The winter isn’t easy on it, and whether you have a wood, concrete, or natural stone patio, you’ll need to clean it extensively to keep it looking its best.

Not a Job to be Taken Lightly 
A good hosing is how most people think they should be cleaning their patio, but if you have a natural stone patio, that’s not the case at all. Sand holds most patios in place, so using a garden hose can wash the sand away and cause damage to the surface.

Depending on how big your patio actually is, giving it a proper cleaning can actually take a good amount of time. And if you want to keep your patio as long as you do the rest of your house, then cleaning it the right way is an aspect of care that you can’t ignore. In fact, it’s even more urgent for homeowners with a natural stone patio to follow the proper procedure to keeping it clean.

Steps to Cleaning Your Natural Stone Patio
Cleaning a natural stone patio is probably the most difficult of any other surface area, but that shouldn’t discourage you. Following the simple steps we outline below will make you put that hose down and get your patio sparkling like it was on day one.

  1. Get Rid of Clutter: Guess what? If you want to clean your patio, you’ll have to see it. That means getting rid of all the patio furniture, garden tools, and anything else before you even think about getting started.
  2. Pick and Sweep: Pick all those weeds that came up since the fall; they don’t look good. Your hands can take care of the biggest ones and a butter knife will handle what’s left over. A quick sweep is like warming up your stone patio for the big ending, but be sure you’re not using bristles that are too stiff, and could potentially damage the stones.
  3. Create the Right Mixture: You have options here, as you can either use brownstones, muriatic acid, or soda crystals. Add any one of those mixtures to two gallons or a bucket of water, then get a brush and get to work. Once you’ve gone over your patio one time using the mixture, rinse the bucket out and refill it with water and bleach; this should give your stone patio that extra shine.

FSI Landscape Supply has all of the supplies you’ll need to keep your stone patio looking clean over a long winter. Visit our web site or come on down to one of our stores and see for yourself all the landscaping products we have ready for you to do those simple but important jobs.


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