How to Prepare Your Garden for Spring

March 23, 2015
How to Prepare Your Garden for Spring

The temperatures are starting to get warmer and it looks like the long winter that the Greater Toronto Area experienced is finally starting to come to an end. This means that many gardeners are starting to prepare to get their gardens ready for spring. This can include scheduling topsoil delivery, as many Toronto homeowners experienced soil loss due to heavy runoff from melting snow.

If you’re getting your garden ready for spring, you should plan before you plant, including when and if you need additional soil. Here are some tips regarding garden soil delivery that Toronto homeowners can use:

Clean Up Your Garden

Before having garden soil delivered, one of the top tasks on your to-do list should be cleaning your garden. Make sure that all debris has been removed; this includes any dead leaves and weeds you may have missed in the fall.

Plant Your Bulbs

Planting seeds and bulbs may seem like the last gardening project you want to take on, but believe it or not, this is the best time, since the soil is still wet. Planting can be done before or after applying new topsoil, but keep in mind that seeds and bulbs are best planted in fresh soil.

Clean Your Garden Tools

If you didn’t give your gardening tools a good scrub before you put them away for the winter, now is the time to clean them. Gardening tools can harbour germs and other diseases that impact the health of you and your garden. You may even want to consider investing in new gardening tools.

Hunt Down Pests

Now is the best time to hunt down any pests that may affect your garden later in the season; in fact, removing them before they can cause any issues is the one of the best strategies you can use as a gardener. This should come before topsoil delivery because once a layer of topsoil is added, it will be hard to find the pests again.

Install Rainwater Tanks

For eco-conscious gardeners, installing a rainwater tank is one way to help the planet. These collect rainwater, which you can then use to water your plants.

Improve the Quality of Your Soil

During the spring thaw, your garden’s soil may have lost vital nutrients. If need be, the garden soil you order can include mulches or enriched soil.

Move Any Plants

If you have any shrubbery or bulbs that are in an awkward place, early spring is the best time to move them while they are still dormant and before you have your new topsoil delivered.

If you’re looking for the best topsoil delivery in Toronto, FSI Landscape Supply provides the best and most affordable soil and mulches in the GTA. To learn more about our garden soil delivery services in the Toronto area, contact FSI Landscape Supply today!

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