Interlocking Options for your Front and Backyard

June 10, 2015

You may have a sense of the number of options that are available to improve the look of your front lawn and backyard other than asphalt or wood. And for those of you who don’t know, here are details about materials, style, and the benefits of ditching that asphalt for a far more eye-catching interlocking landscape aesthetic.

pave interlockingInterlocking Projects

Nothing against asphalt, but when you have all of the alternatives available to you that are on the market today, why would you ever settle? With a mix of patio stones, interlocking pavers, slabs, and walls, so much can be done to get your yard looking vibrant not only this summer, but year-round.


A great option for the driveway, pavers are weatherproof and have a non-stick surface. They’re also interchangeable with patio stones, making repair easy, and are durable enough to take on high traffic. Installing interlocking landscaping like pavers can also increase your property’s value.


Slabs aren’t ideal for heavy traffic unless they are at least 80 millimetres thick, but they are excellent for walkways and patios. Slabs are a good concrete alternative when you are looking to be creative and are very easy for homeowners or landscapers to work with. Larger stone slabs can actually replace lawns while still leaving space for a flowerbed or bushes in-between.

Patio Stones

Another great option for walkways or a backyard hangout spot, patio stones are pretty to look at, low-cost, and low-maintenance. Combined with backyard furniture pieces, patio stones help to create some of the more enjoyable outdoor living spaces heading into the summer months.

FSI Landscape Supply Has All the DIY Tools

If taking a do-it-yourself approach, installing interlocking stones or bricks can be a bit of a task due to the mess, dust, and skill required to lay them down in the precise pattern of choice. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for it if you’re confident you can get it done; you simply have to take your time and make sure you’re prepared, including having all the right tools for the job.

Along with a skid of whichever stone you choose, depending on the surface size of the area, you’ll likely need gravel and sand or mortar for a fill. And if you’re replacing a deck or patio that’s already in place, you’ll also need tools to remove whatever’s already there. This will be time-consuming, but it still needs to be done safely, which means you’re better off having help.

One of the top interlocking supply companies in the GTA, FSI Landscape Supply can help get you through your interlocking landscaping project. We have all the tools and products you’ll need to get the job done on your own. Located in southern Brampton, we are a source of landscape products for contractors and homeowners from all over Toronto. Take a trip to our store or visit us online to view our interlocking products.

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