FSI Landscape Supply, Providers of Landscaping Products and Accessories, Provides Top Landscaping Tips to Increase Curb Appeal in Spring

March 24, 2015

FSI Landscape Supply (www.FSILandscapeSupply.com), a business providing the GTA with high-quality landscaping materials for both residential and commercial landscaping, is providing landscaping tips to improve curb appeal now that spring is here.

“A house is just one of those things that people judge more on visual appeal than function,” says Ross Dirrocolo, founder of FSI Landscape Supply. “Not that shelter alone isn’t important, but guests usually base their opinion on look, and their initial opportunity for judgment begins well before they step into the home.”

According to Dirrocolo, homeowners genuinely want anyone they welcome into their home, especially potential buyers, to have a positive impression, and that starts with the front garden and landscaping; curb appeal then becomes essential to giving potential buyers a strong first impression. In these cases, homeowners should follow a few guidelines when it comes to increasing curb appeal through landscaping.

“The first piece of advice I’d say is to get rid of weeds. Nothing’s more of an eyesore than seeing weeds spring out of an otherwise picturesque landscape,” he notes. “I’d also say overgrown bushes are not much better. Be diligent in making sure they’re always cut and well trimmed.”

Dirrocolo explains that homeowners should also remove any dying flowers. And when picking plants and flowers to include in the landscape, don’t go overboard; for instance, some homeowners get overly ambitious and want to plant a million different variations. However, it’s better to always think ahead and plan the layout, including bouncing ideas off trustworthy people before making any drastic moves.

“The final piece of advice is to keep everything low-maintenance; a landscape shouldn’t require constant and time-consuming upkeep,” Dirrocolo concludes. “Creating a beautiful landscape that increases curb appeal doesn’t mean things have to be complicated.”

FSI Landscape Supply has all the tools and products to help homeowners get a landscape looking just right. For more information, visit www.FSILandscapeSupply.com.

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