Monthly Garden Maintenance Tips and Tricks

July 3, 2015

If you’re a DIY homeowner, you know that maintaining your garden is a year-round commitment. From mowing the lawn to installing turf to watering the garden—keeping up with the monthly duties can certainly be a chore! By following these garden maintenance tips, you’ll have results that show year-round discipline is worth the trouble.

FSILandscapeSupply_image_070315Since the winter and spring are already over, we’ll focus on the summer and fall months. For example, did you know that during the summer season, it’s best to water your lawn during the dawn and dusk hours, when evaporation risks are lower? By now you should have already pulled out all your weeds, fertilized and reseeded thinning grass, and pruned any damaged branches! Let’s take a look at a few more garden maintenance tips for the upcoming months:


The taller the grass, the better the shade and protection from the summer heat. You can move your lawnmower up to about 1.5 inches, which should slow evaporation and cut back on the weeds. Your deck and patio furniture should have been cleaned during the spring, but giving your actual deck another touch up wouldn’t hurt.


Get the garden supplies out because this is when it’s time to start planting your favourite vegetables. Broccoli, spinach, turnips, or any vegetable that you and your family enjoy can be planted for a delicious fall harvest. Don’t ignore your lawns. August is typically a dry month, but you should try to cut your grass after it rains—cutting it while it is dry only increases the sun and wind’s drying effects. Continue separating perennials, as well.


Keep your garden tools clean because there’s still work to be done. Lawns don’t need as much watering, and trees and shrubs can be planted during this month. Also, check containers for waterlogging.


You’ll need to “overseed” your warm season grass if you hope to keep it green during the winter. Replace the summer annuals for the cool weather ones. Even if living in the GTA (where winters are harsh) it’s still a good idea to follow this step. Start to clean up the autumn leaves and use it for compost.

Visit FSI Landscape Supply for Your Garden Supplies

Homeowners have a heavy task maintaining a garden and outdoor space year round, but these monthly gardening maintenance tips should reduce the hassle. Plus you can always stop in and visit us at FSI Landscape Supply to pick up the gardening tools you need to get through each season. We are a one-stop shop that carries all of your favourite gardening supplies, and with our warehouse location in Brampton, we are able to easily serve all homeowners throughout the GTA. Contact us today!

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