Simple Steps to Installing Plastic Landscape Edging

May 26, 2015

Summer is around the corner, which means your garden is likely well intact. But there are always ways to improve even the most well-designed gardens by adding some landscape edging. Sprucing up the garden by adding in a couple of details can make a big impact on the whole. This job in particular can be done in a few very simple steps.

FSI Landscape Supply_image_052615Homeowners looking to incorporate landscape edging into their Toronto home can easily make it happen themselves. The first step, as usual, is to gather the right tools. Once tools are collected, you’ll see just how simple installing plastic landscape edging can be, not to mention how great you’ll feel once it’s all done and you know you did it all on your own.

Let’s get started.

Tools for the Job

A few tools are all that’s needed to install plastic landscape edging in your garden. A shovel, garden hose, spray paint, hammer or wooden mallet, sand garden gloves, and a chisel comprise the essentials. As you can see, the necessary tools to get the job done are likely already in your tool shed.

A Few Simple Steps

Once you’ve gathered all the tools, the next steps to install landscape edging are simple:

● First, the perimeter of the edges needs to be marked out. Use a garden hose at first, and then spray paint the impressions.
● The next step is to dig a trench along the marked impression and fill it with a one-inch bed of sand. The trench should be about four to six inches wide and three to four inches deep. Make sure the sand is smoothly leveled in the trench.
● Edges should be placed closely together, starting from the most visible point, in case they need to be cut to fit. Tapping them lightly with a hammer or a mallet should put them in place. A chisel can be used to separate them into smaller chunks.
● The final step is to fill empty spaces with soil or gravel to keep the edges stable.

Once that’s done, all there is to do is sit back and enjoy your garden. You’ll notice that even if you thought you had a beautiful garden before, installing plastic edging adds that final touch of perfection just in time to show off for the rest of the summer. And to think, this is a project you can definitely take on yourself from start to finish in not much time at all. Think about how good you’ll feel knowing you made your garden the talk of the neighbourhood, and didn’t need anyone’s help to do it.

What makes this job even easier is that all of the necessary materials, from the soil, to the tools, to the garden lighting, are all available at FSI Landscape Supply. Homeowners in Toronto looking for a simple DIY project this summer can come down to FSI Landscape Supply and get started on beautifying their gardens.

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