Steps to Build Your Own Garden Patio with Natural Stone

March 18, 2015
Build Your Own Garden Patio with Natural Stone

Not only is a natural stone patio a great addition to any yard, but the materials are durable and come in a variety of types. However, installing natural patio stones can be a difficult project, so unless you have previous experience installing them, it is best to call on a friend or family member who does or hire a professional contractor. And even if you feel you don’t need help, keep in mind that natural stones can come in varying thicknesses and are quite heavy, so you may not be able to do the job yourself regardless.

But if you’re still determined to tackle the project yourself, here are some things you should know.

Preparing the Site

Because natural patio stones come in different shapes and sizes, you can create either a uniform pattern or something a bit more elaborate and creative. For the proper base, the experts recommend a four-inch layer of gravel along with a two- to three-inch layer of sand; however, if your patio is going to be exposed to rain and snow, don’t include the sand. You should also remove any sod from the patio area and use a shovel and rake to spread the gravel.

Next, attach guide boards to your home and fill in the area. You may need to rent a plate compactor; these machines can be difficult to control, so it might be best to leave installing your patios up to the professionals, or at least get comfortable with the machine first.

Laying the Stone

When you start laying the stone, make sure that it is square against the installation area by sliding a stone into place and making sure it is level. From there, start placing the stones in your desired pattern, leaving half an inch between them, keeping the stones flush throughout the process.

Use a crowbar to make sure that the stones are aligned properly and use sand or stone dust for grout, which can be packed into place with a mason’s trowel or an ice scraper. Alternately, you can also use mortar to fill in-between the stones. Then, once you have finished the project, cover the patio area with a plastic tarp and let it set for 24 hours.

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