The Benefits of Triple Mix Soil

July 7, 2015

It’s pretty much agreed that triple mix is the universally accepted soil best used in gardening or any kind of planting of trees or grass. When mixed properly, triple mix incorporates all the proper nutrients needed to let the garden or grass grow healthy and last for the duration of the warm months and beyond.

FSILandscapeSupply_image_070715The funny thing is that many people don’t know exactly what triple mix is or what’s actually inside the one they are using. Knowing the ingredients is important. Homeowners should be questioning their landscaper as to what’s inside the mix so they know what they’re dealing with. If you are a DIY homeowner choosing each portion of the triple mix yourself, you need to understand which ingredients to choose and why you are choosing them.

What Exactly is Triple Mix?

As you probably guessed, triple mix is made up of three parts: one part sand, one part garden soil, and one part compost. If you’re purchasing this mix from your supplier, it would be good to know whether other plants are actually growing from the mix they are providing, as well as how well they are performing.

Breaking down each ingredient, compost is probably the most important. Again, this is when you must rely on your supplier to inform you of the process of the compost in the triple mix. Trust is important. If the compost mixture isn’t well put together, the performance of the garden will suffer.

With sand, there are often a couple different routes you can take. You want to look for one that’s low in sodium and doesn’t cause too much compacting. As for the garden soil, or topsoil as it is sometimes called, this can be just as important of a factor in determining the growth of your garden or grass. DIY homeowners need to choose a soil that is balanced between being too sandy and too compact or clay-like. It’s also crucial that if you are choosing soil on your own to test for any toxins and to make sure all of the proper nutrients are present. If you are purchasing from a reliable supplier, this shouldn’t be a problem; although it’s still encouraged to ask questions just to be sure you are getting the highest grade product.

Why Triple Mix?

As mentioned, triple mix has been accepted as the gardening mix of choice. When mixed and applied correctly, the combination of sand, soil, and compost is what supercharges your garden or lawn to grow high and healthy.

For DIY homeowners, it’s up to you to make sure you get the triple mix right. For those who are counting on their landscape supplier, FSI Landscape Supply is a trusted choice. We offer local triple mix soil delivery in Brampton and can assure that all of our triple mix options are proven and ready to take your gardening to the next level. Contact us to learn more about our triple mix soil delivery. Or just stop by our Brampton location—we’d be glad to help you out.

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