The Importance of Having Enough Aggregate

February 20, 2015
aggregate demand

If you have a construction project planned for your yard, having an adequate supply of aggregate is extremely important. This is something that the construction industry in the U.K. is learning the hard way, based on the current aggregate demand.

Aggregates are commonly used to provide a firm base for construction projects, such as foundations. It’s commonly made from a number of materials that can range from sand to gravel to crushed stone and sand. Many providers of aggregate also supply their eco-conscious customers with recycled aggregate. Aggregates are commonly used for major projects such as road construction, but the material is also popular with homeowners.

While North America may not be experiencing the same issue as the U.K., not having enough aggregate for that yard construction project you’ve been putting off can be a major annoyance. If necessary, contact a professional landscaper to estimate how much aggregate your project will require.

There are several reasons to incorporate enough aggregate, as detailed below.

If a drainage ditch is filled with aggregate, water will filter through it more quickly than with other materials. Many homeowners line the side of their driveway or the foundation of their home with aggregate for the same reason.

Planning to install a playground for your kids? The project will demand aggregate. You may have noticed the material is used in your neighbourhood playground; that’s because professional landscapers recommend that clients use the material for such construction projects.

Driveways and Walkways
If you’re planning to use aggregates for a driveway or pathway, make sure that your aggregate supply is enough to cover the project. It’s a popular material for homeowners, so it’s not uncommon for aggregate demand to outweigh supply; determine how much you’re going to need before you start the project.

If you’re considering using aggregates for a project, look at the different materials. Depending on the material, aggregate supply can be limited—it is a limited resource, after all—so it might cost more. However, given its durability, it’s certainly worth the money. And for budget-minded homeowners, aggregate made from recycled materials are a more affordable alternative.

FSI Landscape Supply knows about the demand for aggregate and supplies customers with only the best material at an affordable price. Our team of professionals will also consult with you and let you know how much you will need for your project. Whatever your project, we have the aggregate you’re looking for. Contact FSI Landscape Supply for more information today!

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