Tips on How Not to Damage Your Pavers This Winter

January 13, 2015
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It’s literally the first step you or anyone else will take on your property. A driveway or sidewalk made of paving stones, called “pavers,” is like a welcoming mat for residents and guests alike. So it’s only right that you try your best to make that first impression an inviting one.

As a homeowner, keeping your pavers clean can be a bit tricky; in fact, measures you think are maintaining them may actually be doing the opposite. There also may be steps you can be taking to maintain your pavers that you haven’t thought about yet. Either way, let’s go over some winter tips and guidelines on how not to damage your paving stones this winter.

Say No to De-icers
Neither a tumbled paver driveway nor pressed pavement sidewalk can sustain the use of salt, so avoid using any kind of salt product on your concrete pavers. Instead, try kitty litter; it may not melt the ice, but it provides good traction and is easy to clean up in the spring. But if you’re absolutely set on using some kind of salt product, do not use magnesium-based de-icers.

Use Sealers
Though not absolutely necessary, sealers do add another layer of protection for your pavers. Apply sealer in the fall and it will help protect against the salt you bring from the street and onto your driveway in the winter.

Get That Snow Off
While removing snow from pavers is important, be careful. Yes, you want to make sure that all the snow is removed as soon as possible, but make sure to choose a plastic shovel over a metal one; metal shovels scratch paving stones and loosen the seal, which can be difficult and costly to fix. Snow blowers are another good option, as they won’t damage your driveway at all.

Preparation is Key
You won’t be able to solve any of these paver problems if you aren’t prepared. Visit FSI Landscape Supply and you’ll find all the supplies you need to keep your pavers solid through the entire winter.

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