Top 7 Backyard Landscaping Ideas

June 3, 2015

Designing your backyard on your own opens up the potential for you to bring your most creative ideas to life and allows you to experiment with the latest trends in backyard landscaping. While your budget may seemingly limit your possibilities, don’t get discouraged by limited funds; you’ll likely be surprised how far you can stretch your limited budget by getting your landscape supplies in Toronto from the right sources.

FSI Landscape Supply _image_060315Whether you want to be simple or extravagant, add a little touch-up, or completely overhaul everything, the following is a list of a few backyard landscaping ideas to get you started on backyard projects that will add life to your existing outdoor space.

Top Trending Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Create a Sitting Corner

No matter how you design your backyard, you want to sit back and enjoy it. So why not create a section where you can do just that? Corners are preferable as sitting areas because they can be made to be private and secluded from everything else. They are also a good way to make use of otherwise wasted or extra space. Moreover, by placing a seating area in a corner, you’ll have a full view of the entire yard in all its beauty.

Add Curtains

This is a design idea that may not immediately come to mind for the outdoors. Curtains can add a level of privacy and elegance to your backyard and aren’t often seen in too many outdoor spaces. They’ll have to be weatherproof, of course, so look for that when browsing materials. Curtains are a good way to show some distinction and personality, as well as to separate spaces the way you would in the interior of your home. Curtains can add a pop of colour or the added texture of flowing fabric to the surrounding stone and greenery.

Include a Pergola

A pergola is a stunning design element on its own. The trick is to place it as a standalone element in your backyard. It creates a stylish, modern vibe and looks spectacular if positioned correctly.

Play Around with Grass and Stone

Incorporating grass and stone is a very simple landscaping tactic. When done properly, it can have a significant impact on the aesthetic of a yard. A stone pathway bordered partly by grass creates scenic patterns that can run throughout your backyard and entice homeowners and visitors alike.

Leave a Little Open Space

Keeping it simple never fails as a choice for designing a yard. When it comes to backyard landscaping ideas, particularly if you have a large area to work with, you could include minimal designs so the open space can be both appreciated and put to use. Sometimes it’s the space used around the focal points that bring them to centre stage.

Try Sinking Your Patio

This works well if you have a backyard that’s already sloping. Choose a section you can carve out and add a stone or brick patio. It’s an interesting way to add some dynamic to a standard backyard design and make use of a slope. This could require quite a bit of work; but if done properly, it can have worthwhile results.

Add Some Fire and Water

Both fire and water elements can have a powerful effect. On top of just looking spectacular, a backyard fireplace also extends how long you can comfortably utilize your outdoor space, pushing it well into the autumn months in Toronto and the GTA. Plus, who doesn’t love the sight and sound of burning, crackling wood?

Incorporating water doesn’t just have to mean building a swimming pool. Water fountains, ponds, water walls, or trails are other ways to showcase the element. Plus, the sounds of flowing water will make sitting in your yard relaxing and therapeutic.

These are just a few of the ways to give your backyard the attention it deserves in order to get the most use of it throughout the year. FSI Landscape Supply has all the necessary tools and other landscape supplies for Toronto contractors or DIY specialists. Visit our Brampton location today to pick up whatever you need to get your backyard landscaping design projects started.

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