Top Trend for Garden and Outdoor Designing for 2015

March 12, 2015
Top Garden Designing Trend 2015

Spring is just around the corner and that means that gardening season isn’t too far off. As a result, homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area may find themselves wondering what the top garden designing ideas in Toronto are going to be this year.

At the top of the trends for this year is a professional-looking garden, which can be obtained through means such as high-quality garden soil and mulches. Eco-friendly products are another one of the top trends for both professional and amateur gardeners, as are low-maintenance, drought-resistant plants.

But there are a few other surprising trends when it comes to gardening…

Millennials with Green Thumbs

Members of the 18-to-34 demographic are increasingly taking time away from their mobile devices to get their hands dirty and start maintaining gardens as more and more of them advance in their careers and start buying homes. In fact, statistics show that they already spend $100.00 more on gardening tools than any age group in the GTA; that number is expected to grow as more Millennials buy homes and start families.

Eco-Friendly Products

Many gardeners, both new and old, are looking to do their part to help the environment by using eco-conscious garden soil and mulches. In fact, when looking for garden soil in Toronto, it’s not uncommon for gardeners to demand products that are good for the environment.

Real Gardens Have Curves

The straight, minimal lines of past years have been replaced by softer and gentler shapes that include wavy lines in a pathway or in flower or vegetable beds.

Bringing the Outdoors in

More and more homeowners are choosing to bring plants into their homes to make the indoors an extension of the outdoors with potted plants, which require garden soil and mulches.

Bedhead Landscaping

This loose, carefree form of landscaping is one of the growing trends in garden designing ideas for homeowners in the GTA. This purposefully unstyled form of gardening brings a natural look to a yard and introduces native plants that add diversity and balance eco-systems.

In North America alone, homeowners spend more than $7.0 billion a year on gardening products and services, including garden soil delivery. Toronto residents looking for affordable garden soil and mulches or landscaping services should call on FSI Landscape Supply for all their needs.

Whether you’re looking for landscaping that matches the latest trends or something timeless, we will help you prepare your garden for summer. If you’re looking for garden soil delivery in Toronto and the surrounding regions, contact FSI Landscape Supply today!

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