Your Summer Garden Maintenance List

May 8, 2015

FSI Landscape Supply_image_050815You can literally smell spring in the air and with just over a month left until summer, the excitement of fresh flowers and green grass is tickling the noses of every homeowner in the GTA. Any stretch of warm weather is welcome in Ontario; backyard BBQs get everyone’s juices going and those who appreciate home decor and landscaping likely couldn’t wait to get outside to tend to their garden.

Spring typically starts pretty late in the GTA, so now is a great time to head down to your garden supply store and get started on this year’s design. To help get you up and going, we’ve come up with a checklist of items to make sure you don’t miss any steps and to act as a guide to getting your garden looking alive again after one of the coldest winters on record.

Your Easy Summer Garden Maintenance Checklist

  • Tools First: You can’t start working on your garden unless you have the proper tools. Take a quick inventory to make sure you haven’t forgotten to pick up that shovel you loaned out last fall or take a trip down to a garden supply store in Toronto, Brampton, or whichever area you live and go get all the tools you’ll need.
  • Ban Weeds: You can’t plant anything without getting rid of those pesky weeds. Take your time and get rid of all of them, as nothing messes up beautiful gardening like the spread of weeds. We recommend throwing in pruning all the dead branches as well.
  • Yes, Soil Is That Important: Don’t neglect the soil. Bad soil means bad growth. Adding some mulch, such as shredded wood or grass clippings, and a high-quality fertilizer will get your garden green in no time.
  • Reseed the Lawn: There’s sure to be some dead patches after the long, frigid winter, so use whatever seed is appropriate for the area.
  • Plant Some New Shrubs, Flowerbeds, and Perennials: Fresh and healthy is what you need to keep in mind when selecting any of these to include in your garden this summer. Don’t forget to remove any faded flowers.

This list can go on, depending on just how detailed you want to get with your gardening. Another checklist point to remember is getting started now on your fall vegetable garden. That way, once the weather starts to cool again, you’ll be ready to go with a fresh batch of vegetables.

Adding colour to your garden is something that should also be considered. This means including spring-blooming annuals such as violas and pansies, which start to fade in the summer and should be replaced with lantana, pentas, or even salvia.

FSI Landscape Supply is a great place to start your spring gardening preparation. At FSI Landscape Supply, everything you need is under one roof, from garden supply to garden soil delivery in Brampton, and at competitive costs. Visit our web site or take a drive down to our Brampton location today.

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