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More and more people in Brampton are turning their yards into an outdoor oasis, expanding their living space for as many months of the year as possible. These outdoor living areas can consist of different "rooms" or areas with different functions, such as the patio area, garden, pathway, pool area, and even an outdoor kitchen or bar area. What's one thing all of these kinds of spaces have in common? Lighting. Whether you're a Brampton homeowner, a landscape designer, or a builder, landscape lighting is a crucial component in designing the space. And we at FSI Landscape Supply are dedicated to helping you find the best lighting options possible for all of your projects.


Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Style: Lighting fixtures add an element of style and are essential in telling your overall design "story." Accessories may not seem important to some, but the best designers know that they can make or break a project. Choose the right lighting fixture style for your theme; whether you're going for a classic, modern, or dramatic look, we have all your landscape lighting and garden lighting options at FSI Landscape Supply.


Highlight Features: In addition to having style in and of themselves, landscape and garden lighting fixtures can highlight other elements of style in your yard or patio area. For example, you can make a big design impact by highlighting trees, a sculpture, a feature wall, a fountain, or any other important landscape feature.


Mood: Landscape design goes beyond style; mood plays a huge part in the effect the homeowner, designer, or builder is going for, such as romantic or dramatic. The style of the lighting accessories, their placement, and even the brightness of the bulbs used are all elements to consider when choosing landscape lighting. FSI Landscape Supply offers a broad selection that caters to many different moods.


Safety: Lighting accessories are absolutely necessary in ensuring safety at night or early morning around a home or business. Proper lighting needs to be placed around entranceways, pathways, steps, pool or water feature areas, and any obstacles someone might trip on.


Security: The proper lighting around a home or commercial property is also a very effective security measure, deterring any type of criminal activity, keeping unwanted wildlife away, and providing proper visibility to keep residents, workers, and visitors safe at any time of day or night.


FSI Landscape Supply's Landscape Lighting

FSI Landscape Supply offers different varieties of garden landscaping supplies and accessories in Brampton to suit the requirements of our customers, including homeowners, landscape designers, and builders. Our intention is to inspire your design projects and grace outdoor spaces with our lighting accessories that provide the perfect marriage of style and function.


In terms of landscape lighting needs, we offer an array of choices, including lights directed up or down to highlight garden or architectural features, in-ground fixtures for up-lighting or illuminating pathways or steps, directional lights for installation on walls and by entryways, underwater lights for water features, hanging fixtures for style and mood, path lights to illuminate pathways or garden beds, deck lights, and step lights. All of our fixtures are weather-resistant and come in a variety of finishes. Many are adjustable or can be installed to be controlled remotely or be fully automated. Visit our Brampton location today to see how we can fill your landscape lighting needs.


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