Natural Stone

The natural stone offered at FSI Landscape Supply comes from both domestic and international quarries, which means you get access to a wide variety of top brands.

  • Skidded Armour Stone:-These stones can be used for building smaller-sized retaining walls. Skidded armour stones come in a variety of colours and sizes and are relatively easy to work with.
  • Highland Random Slab:-This option is perfect for designing walkways, garden paths, or any other creative landscapes.
  • Georgrian Weathered Waterfall:-Weathered tops and sides cover these off-grey stones, which are best used as accents in gardens or borders for trees and flowerbeds.
  • Large Granite Boulders:-A nice choice for any water features you have throughout your yard and excellent for accenting your landscape. They also work well in natural stone gardens.
  • Random Flagstone:-Because of its durability and being a bit less thick, random flagstone is an excellent alternative to concrete interlocking.
  • Pink Granite Chunks:-Chunks: Probably the best-known igneous rock, granite chunks are excellent for random accents in gardens
  • Black Granite Chunks:-Chunks: Probably the best-known igneous rock, granite chunks are excellent for random accents in gardens
  • Mica Chunks:Typically used for decorative purposes, mica chunks come in a variety of colours to help spruce up your landscaping projects. The chunks are usually fairly large.
  • Brown Armour Stone:-Apart from making eye catching accent pieces, brown armour stone is used to make larger-sized retaining walls and raised garden beds.
  • Elite Blue Granite Waterfall:Waterfall: A dark-coloured grey with light quartz veins, elite blue granite waterfall can be landscaped in multiple residential or commercial locations, such as a golf course.
  • Natural Stone Steps:-This material adds natural drama wherever it is used, particularly with front steps. It’s not a bad idea to mix them with flagstone or even interlocking stones.
  • Limestone Rockery:-This is available as smaller decorative pieces or can come in boulders up to 3’, which can be used for accenting your garden.
  • Granite Slab:-Versatile and durable, granite slabs are the most popular igneous rock used for walkways, steps, and even indoor fireplaces and countertops.
  • Skidded Brown Elephant
  • Skidded White Elephant
  • Wiarton Waterfall
  • Orillia Armour Stone
  • Dry Stacking Wall stone

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